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Cabin Rules

Campground & Cabin Rules

To help make your stay a pleasant one, we have prepared some guidelines for your convenience and would appreciate your co-operation. 

  • SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MPH and will be strictly enforced. Drive carefully and watch for children.    
  • Quiet hours are: Sunday thru Thursday  10 pm to 8 am (except holiday weekends)
  • Quiet hours are 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Friday & Saturday.
  • NO power equipment until after 9 am please. 
  • No one on playground after DUSK (nightlights come on)
  • Please have respect for others. All visitors must register.  
  • NO bicycle riding after dark -obey speed limit 5 mph.  State Law 14 yrs. and younger must wear helmet. 
  • NO Pets are allowed in cabins.
  • GARBAGE - Please do not leave outside or at campsite or burn in fire ring. Dispose of garbage in dumpster located to your LEFT as you exit the park. 
  • Save your 5 cent bottle, cans & plastic for our project each year, place in container outside the office. 
  • CAMPFIRE RINGS - Keep fire inside of rings and do not use wood with nails in.
    DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS - Anyone moving fire rings will be asked to leave. 
  • TREES -  No defacing of trees, shrubs, rocks or removal of any plants or cutting of trees. 
  • PROFANE LANGUAGE OR INTOXICATED - Any person or persons using profane language or being intoxicated, or (in the opinion of the management) acting in such a manner that may be injurious or annoying to others will be asked to leave immediately. 
  • CHECK OUT TIME - 11:00 AM. CHECK IN TIME - 2:00 PM 
  • RESPECT PRIVACY OF OTHERS - Do NOT Trespass on other sites. Please use the roads. 
  • PLAYGROUND area is to be used to play hard ball and other such games.
  • NO REFUNDS - Due to inclement weather or early departures or being asked to leave.
  • POOL GUIDELINES - Everyone must sign-in DAILY before use of swimming pool.  Pool area must have at least 2 adults over age 18 years. Hours posted.
  • Rules posted and must be followed. NO Running,  Jumping, Pushing, Rough Play or Diving.            

    Emergency phone located in office. Please notify operator.

Additions to Cabin Guidelines

  • Do NOT remove anything from inside of the cabins. 
  • Do NOT rearrange any furniture without permission. 
  • Do NOT adjust the refrigerator temperature. It has been set to meet your needs. 
  • Do NOT adjust the hot water tank in anyway. 
  • The gas stove has automatic light. Just turn knobs to ON. The pilots will be lit upon request. 
  • The oven and broiler may NOT be used. Please clean any spills you may have. 
  • Please remove all garbage. Remove all leftovers from refrigerator. 
  • All dishes should be washed and put away for the next reservation. 
  • All help is greatly appreciated to keep our units as clean and orderly as you would like to have them when you arrive for your vacation. 
  • Please ask for help from management with any problems you may have.
  • Please do not try to adjust anything without asking first. 
  • Please follow rest of the campground guidelines. 

Thank you for your cooperation.