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Pet Policies

WE are animal lovers, very fond of pets and appreciate the fact that people recognize their pets to be an important part of their family.  However, we are also aware that many are not animal lovers.  Additionally, our insurance carrier has required establishment of safeguards to prevent any unfortunate incident from occurring at CHERRY GROVE CAMPGROUND.  In light of this we have established, and strictly enforce the following policies:

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED, EXCEPT under the following conditions for registered & seasonal campers:

All Pets MUST be kept confined, tethered within the site bounders & 2 ft. from edge, cleaned up after

(properly disposed in the dumpster) & leashed (NOT a retractable leash) when walking on the grounds.

Visiting a site that has a pet on, please remember this is their site also.

Call out to person or pet on the site before entering.

Respect other person’s sites: use the trail, road or tenting area to walk your pet, then clean up after them.


No pets allowed in the recreation hall, bathhouses, in playground area mulch/gravel, swimming pool area or Cabins.

Leashes must be no longer than 6 feet and walkers must be of sufficient stature or size to maintain positive

control at all times and have a grip on the leash.  Respect other person’s sites; use the trail or tenting area to

walk your pet.

Pets must not be allowed to annoy others in any manner, or be left unattended. 

      Quiet is a must, if barking continues the owner will be asked to leave with no refund.

No aggressive pet, or any that have previously bitten, or attacked people or pets, is allowed.

Additionally, breeds of dogs that are by nature, history, or perception, aggressive,

such as Pit Bulls, Are restricted.               Limit of 2 dogs per site.


Pet Policy Form

Please print and fill out this form -- to be provided and filed with the main office upon your arrival.