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Thorpe Vineyard
Thorpe Vineyard

Thorpe Vineyards

Overlooking Lake Ontario near Sodus Bay, near to Chimney Bluff State Park., Thorpe Vineyards has a taste for everyone from classic European varieties to new blends. Grapes are harvested by hand from three acres of vineyards. Tour the groves, view the wildflowers on the hillside, and watch a stunning sunset over the lake. Visit this unique vineyard surrounded by natural beauty and take home a bottle of foxy New World wine.

Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum
Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum

Sodus Bay Lighthouse & Museum

Since the 19th century, Sodus Bay has been an ideal place for seafaring activity and enjoyable summer activities. The Sodus Bay Lighthouse was built in 1824 and served as a beacon to sailors for 76 years. Today, visitors can view the heritage and legacy of the historic landmark at the Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum, open May 1-Oct 31st, Tuesday-Sunday.

NY Seaway Trail
NY Seaway Trail

The New York State Seaway Trail

454 miles of scenic highways and trails, the Seaway Trail features views of Lake Erie, the Niagara River, Lake Ontario, and the St. Lawrence River. Visitors following the trail will encounter quaint villages, fishing ports, family attractions, countless restaurants and unique shops. The Seaway Trail also offers 42 historical sites relating to the War of 1812. Learn about the region's unique architecture, folklore, and history on one of the many walking tours offered in the trail's numerous communities.

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